What is Inquiry for Today?

Inquiry for Today (I4T) is an online, Christian ministry with two principal goals:

1. To offer practical perspectives on matters of faith, which are grounded in Truth and common sense.

2. To provide inspiration in a world that is often less than inspiring.

Featured Ministry Partner

We are thrilled to have partners in ministry from all over the world!  An I4T partner not only upholds the foundational principles of Christianity, but it also seeks truth and provides inspiration through its various outreach activities and resources.  For January 2020, we are featuring Resilience God Style.  Click on the link below for more details.

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The Inquiry for Today (I4T) blog is dedicated to the simple proposition that life is interesting to observe.  I love to think critically about the world and then write about my observations as a means of coping and understanding.  In truth, this blog is a lot like a personal journal.  However, I want to open my journal to the world!

with Mark Tinsley


The Message podcast is a ministry of I4T that features a weekly audio podcast focused on Christian faith and the Good News of Jesus Christ.  I am compelled to share my faith with others and, through the power of the Holy Spirit, I hope to inspire, motivate, and challenge.

hosted by Mark Tinsley

The Message Podcast


Clean Slate is a seasonal, video podcast dedicated to rooting out problems in the contemporary church and finding strategies to respond to these problems that are at once productive and Christ-honoring.  The guests on Clean Slate are experts in their fields and, most importantly, faithful followers of Jesus Christ. 

hosted by Mark Tinsley

Clean Slate Podcast

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Truth is not up for debate, but our debates could use some truth


Mark A. Tinsley

I4T President

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